For the longest time, I have wanted to capture and post some of my favorite UX resources and inspiration.  Enjoy!


Favorite Videos


Favorite Books


Useful Figma Links


  • Master - This is a paid plugin but extremely helpful for your component development and maintenance. This is the only plugin that I have found that helps you reconnect disconnected plugins.  The Author Gleb is one of the most active plugin developers in the Figma community and a super nice guy. 

  • Styler -  help you generate your styles

  • Themer - A brilliant plugin created by Tom Lowry that lets you quickly switch your designs between different theme's like light mode and dark mode.  This plugin also forces best practices to set up your design environment in the same way that your dev team would do it if your application offered this flexibility to your users. 

  • Nisa Text Splitter -  Ever wanted to convert your paragraph text into a list? How about sorting your list? This plugin is amazing. 

  • Autoflow -  Turn any frame into a flow diagram. The most awesome thing about this plugin is that the lines stay connected when you move your frames. 

  • Google Sheets Sync - This allows you to populate a Google sheet with data that you can then use to populate your Figma components. Works great on product cards. 

  • Sorter - Quicksort by name or layer location, and be able to ever order.

  • Remove BG - Removes background of images



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