My leadership approach

Over the next few weeks, I will create content for each of these sections. This will be a set of topics that summarize some of my favorite and most effective techniques as a design leader and as a colleague. And like everything that I do, I will continually evaluate and improve. 

My Leadership Approach


  • Every experience matters.

  • Discover and learn.

  • Personalize.

  • Never stop mastering communication.

  • Collaborative estimating and planning.

  • Inclusion.

  • Honest and safe critiques.

  • Experimenting is not only encouraged it is expected.

  • Safe experimentation.
    Getting it wrong happens, not a problem; let us learn from it.

  • You will have space to innovate.

  • My favorite meeting is the Retrospect.
    I believe that you will become the better you if you can reflect, identify, learn, and make a plan to improve.


Some of my favorite design principles​
  • Start with the "Every experience matters" attitude.

  • Don't just design what is given to you; understand why it will make a difference. Practice the five whys.

  • Design for the book-ends. If you design for the novice and you design for the power users, chances are you will satisfy most users in between.

  • Rather than critique, practice honest, safe, and productive feedback reviews.

  • Optimize your systems, tools, approach, communication, and delivery. 

My Design Approach

  • Discover and learn.

  • Practice the 5 whys.

  • Identify users and business strategies and understand the differences.

  • Needs gathering and card sorting.

  • Journey and empathy mapping.

  • Writing and aligning on our Point of view statement.

  • Attach OKR's to our point-of-view statements to make them measurable. Strive for the "wow".

  • Creative thinking and free ideation.

  • Converge, diverge, converge.

  • Iterate.

  • Present and use storytelling to communicate.

  • Iterate and present again.

  • Book-ends test.

  • Clean, helpful, and approachable handoff.

  • Design QA.

  • Retrospect.